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We are now proud to support the Autism & ADHD Organisation. It's great to offer our support to help charities, but it's even better to know that something we provide can help manage one of the most diagnosed neurological disorders.  

From April 1st, you can now help with showing your support too. We will be choosing a different product every month to give a £5 donation to the Autism & ADHD Organisation. Just look for the description next to the product, and you'll know that by puchasing that product, you're helping fund all the fantastic work this organisation does for the community. 

We do pride ourselves on having our fantastic customer service team here in the UK, that have had many years experience in helping families that need extra support with their trampoline advice, though we are not Autism & ADHD experts ourselves.

If you feel your child falls into either the  Autism or  ADHD bracket, please do sign up to the Autism & ADHD newsletter, as this is a fantastic resource to help provide extra support and information for you and your family.