Jumpking Kombi

With so many Jumpking trampolines and play tents to choose from, why not choose a product with both elements in one.

Our trampoline tent combos are suitable for kids daily exercise, entertainment or parties. Combine your kids play times with their general fitness. All their family and friends will want to take part in hours of fun too.

Different sizes are available as shown below, choose from a 10ft jumpking combo, a 12ft jumpking combo or a 14ft jumpking combo. Each trampoline with enclosure provides a secure environment for your kids to play in.

The 14ft combo is our largest starter trampoline, which is ideal for older kids and adults, it features 40% more bouncing areas within the trampoline bed, compared to the 12ft combo.

The trampolines each feature the square, Tri-Layer frame joint system, giving the base additional strength. The secure joint was designed to ensure that the curved top rail does not roll in, when the trampoline is in use.

Other trampoline tent combo features include; a patented G3 Safety Enclosure System and Galvanised steel frame, which you can read more about in the product descriptions.

Please be aware that only one bouncer should use a Jumpking trampoline at any one time. The maximum weight limit must not be exceeded, to prevent the springs from stretching.

We have many different tent styles (link: http://www.jumpking.eu/trampoline-accessories/trampoline-tent-ra nge.html) to choose from, with favourites including the circus tent, rocket tent and more.

We also supply a wide range of Jumpking trampoline spares too, which we offer a full 1 year warranty on.

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