We supply a full range of accessories and replacement parts to accompany our trampolines of all sizes and shapes. We have a trampoline skirt to fit all sizes of Jumpking trampolines, Oval trampolines, Premium trampolines, Deluxe trampolines, Classic trampolines, Octapod trampolines and more.

A trampoline safety skirt fitted to your Jumpking trampoline will prevent little ones or pets from going under the trampoline. At such a reasonable price, a trampoline skirt will give you peace of mind that no accidents can take place underneath the trampoline while it is being bounced on. The safety skirt also contains pouches to put shoes, belts, phones and any sharp objects in too.

It easily attaches to the trampoline frame via straps, with metal pegs to firmly secure the netting into the grass. There is a simply zip fastening in the netting side.

Please contact us today for more information on our Jumpking trampolines or trampoline accessories. Some of our products are suitable for other makes of trampoline too.


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